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Bioderma - Lipo Alcoholic Biphase Spray 100ml
Bioderma - Lipo Alcoholic Biphase Spray 100ml

Bioderma - Lipo Alcoholic Biphase Spray 100ml

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Bioderma - Lipo Alcoholic Biphase Spray


Biphase Lipo Alcoholic is a dermatological innovation protected by a global patent. Inspired by its ecobiological principles, NAOS and its Laboratoire Dermatologique BIODERMA have created the first double-action barrier hand care. This biphase formula combines an alcoholic phase with a lipidic phase.

1. Alcoholic phase: it consists of 74.5% ethanol. It acts by eliminating viruses, bacteria and yeasts.

2. Lipidic phase: it consists of 10% shea oil and squalane. A complementary combination rich in lipids naturally presents in the skin to protect it against dryness. Together, these two biomimetic ingredients provide the skin with what it needs to become stronger after repeated cleansing.

How to use:

Suitable for regular use for disinfecting hands.

Shake before use, no-rinse

  • Shake the product before use so that the oil disperses in the alcohol.
  • Spray to fill the palm of your hand (3 ml).
  • Rub for 30 seconds.
  • Enjoy the results! The skin is instantly nourished and protected.


Ethanol 74,5% (m/m) - N°CAS 64-17-5

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