Filorga - Time Zero: Multi-Corrections Anti-Wrinkles Serum 30ml


Filorga - Time Zero: Multi-Corrections Anti-Wrinkles Serum


Inspired by the latest filorga medical innovations, this serum combines two formulas (zero wrinkles concentrate + intense lifting gel) to visibly reduce all types of wrinkles.

Deep set wrinkles - Filler-like correction: A trio of hyaluronic acid-based active ingredients visibly fills deep wrinkles and plumps the skin. 

Tiredness wrinkles - Mesotherapy-like correction: A duo of matrikines combined with NCTF® tones the skin tissue and smoothes out lines. 

Contraction wrinkles - Botox-like correction: A tripeptide-hexapeptide duo modulates neurotransmission to relax the face without freezing facial expression. 

Surface wrinkles - Peeling-like correction: Gluconolactone combined with an exfoliating active ingredient resurfaces the skin and visibly fades fine lines.  Day after day, all types of wrinkles are reduced and the face appears younger.


Apply daily, in the morning and/or at night, before your day/night cream.

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