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Decléor - White Magnolia - Rosy Cream 50ml

Decléor - White Magnolia - Rosy Cream 50ml

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Decleor - White Magnolia - Rosy Cream 50ml


White Magnolia Rosy Cream is Decléor's regenerating moisturiser enriched in Lactic Acid to firm skin and help reduce wrinkles while providing a natural, healthy rosy glow thanks to natural pigments.
It combines the powerful essential oil of Magnolia and ginger  essential oils with Lactic acid to fight signs of ageing such as loss of density and the appearance of wrinkles, and with Rosy pigments to help skin maintain a rosy, healthy glow.
The skin is immediately hydrated and smoother. It looks firmer, bouncier and boasts a fresh rosy and healthy glow. Fine lines and wrinkles are attenuated. Skin feels regenerated, renewed.
Its rich creamy texture is rapidly absorbed, leaving the skin softer and silky with a healty glow.
Apply in the morning on a cleansed face after the white magniolia Aromessence Essential Oils-Serum.

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