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Body treatments by Laura Sanchez




Laura is a French beauty therapist from the south of France.

She was lead therapist for several years at the famous La Chaîne Thermale du Soleil in south of France before moving to London.

Laura specialises in Face Pilates, a technique which delivers a natural lift. It involves a massage to visibly lift and remodel the face. Over time, it will help to strengthen the muscles under your skin and bring back lift and glow to your skin.



Le Massage Silhouette 

For this treatment, Laura uses a French technique called Palper Rouler which means ‘pinch and roll’. The Palper Rouler has long been known as the French woman secret to fighting the apparence of cellulite and maintain a toned silhouette.


45mins £75  BOOK HERE


Relax & Destress Massage with Decléor

Laura will create your very own personally-tailored, sculpting massage targeted to your individual needs. Aromatherapy Essential Oils help you to relax, unwind, energise or harmonise your well-being. Whether its pure relaxation, body firming or refining your silhouette, this highly effective massage will ensure your needs will be met.

60mins £75   BOOK HERE