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Gallinée Facials - Exclusive at The French Pharmacy




By Laura Sanchez 

Gallinée facials are tailored to your skin needs and concerns. Gallinée understands that every skin is unique, therefore each Gallinée facial is too, with the main goal of supporting the skin’s microbiome.  

Soothing : The combination of a lymphatic drainage massage and powerful prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics will help to strengthen skin barrier, soothe and hydrate sensitive, dehydrated and dry skin. 

Well-ageing: The exclusive face Pilates massage combined with Gallinée’s Youthful Serum and Prebiotic Face Oil will plump, firm and lift the face while nourishing your skin’s microbiome. 

Rebalancing : Support the skin’s microbiome by rebalancing it with Gallinée’s formulas rich in prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics combined with a draining face massage using jade mushroom.



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