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Why Have A Gut Microbiota Analysis ?

The intestinal microbiota is the set of bacteria that are present in our digestive tract (from the mouth to the anus). It comprises about 100,000 billion bacteria divided into more than 1,000 different species.

These bacteria live in unison with us. We provide them with shelter and food and in return they help us to promote health because they act at all levels of our body (digestive, brain, heart, liver, bones, skin, reproductive system) using all means of communication (nervous, immune, hormonal).


Our current lifestyle tends to impoverish our intestinal microbiota by decreasing the presence of our good bacteria and increasing the presence of pathogenic bacteria, thus leading to the occurrence and amplification of chronic diseases (cancer, digestive disorders, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, respiratory infections, neurodegenerative disease, hormonal disorders, osteoporosis, premature ageing, etc. etc.

Yet each individual has his or her own microbiota. It contains 1000 times more genes (3.3 millions) than the human genome.

This is why it is important for each individual to determine the state of his or her microbiota: if it is healthy (50% of cases) you should continue to adopt the same lifestyle. If it is diseased, you must cure it with a specific diet to avoid the appearance of pathologies or to cure existing ones.

Sébastien JEAN

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