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Filorga - Age-Peel: New Resurfacing Programme
Filorga - Age-Peel: New Resurfacing Programme

Filorga - Age-Peel: New Resurfacing Programme

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FILORGA Age-Peel is a skin resurfacing programme. Also ideal as a complement to medical peelings. Optimise epidermal regeneration by applying NEOCICA® universal repair care after FILORGA Age-Peel

FILORGA Age-Peel Benefits:
- 81% NEW SKIN*

*Self-assessment - Weekly application for 3 weeks - 54 volunteer.


Step 1
Pre-peel with papaine enzymes: activate a gentle exfoliation.
On cleansed skin, apply a Pre-Peel Wipe homogeneously over entire face. Your skin is ready for the Peeling Gel Mask.

Step 2
Peeling gel mask: a combination of hydroxy-acids (glycolic, lactic, malic, pyruvic, salicylic, azelaic) guarantees an efficient and safe action.

Apply the Peeling Gel Mask generously and homogeneously over entire face, avoiding the eye contour.

Leave on 2 to 6 minutes.A slight stinging sensation will occur as the mask takes effect. Rinse thoroughly with cotton wools and water. Rinse immediately if an intense burning sensation or redness occurs during application.
It is recommended to apply NEOCICA®, universal repair care, after AGE-PEEL® treatment to soothe skin and improve skin regeneration.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure 48h following a AGE-PEEL® treatment, without a sun protection. Never use AGE-PEEL® more than once a week. Never associate this treatment with another one potentially irritative or that may be sensitizing.