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Avent- 0-6m Night Soothers

Avent- 0-6m Night Soothers

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he orthodontic, collapsible and symmetrical teats Philips AVENT respect the natural development of baby's palate, teeth and gums. All Philips AVENT pacifiers are made of silicone and are odorless and tasteless. Changes in color reserved.

Orthodontic, symmetrical collapsible teat

Flat, drop-shaped symmetrical Philips AVENT teats, taking into account the natural development of baby's palate, teeth and gums of your baby, even if the soother ends up upside down in the mouth.

User-friendly silicone teats

The Philips AVENT silicone teat is tasteless and odorless and is therefore accepted by your baby. The silicone is smooth, transparent, easy to clean and is not sticky. The suction cup is strong, durable, shape and color proof.
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