Calicea - Sleep Revival Cream

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Calicea - Sleep Revival Night Cream


Calicea uses the most powerful anti-oxidant active Phycocyanine  (20 times stronger than vitamin c) in their patented complex.

A pure concentration of Hyalurospirine, Calicea Sleep Revival night cream helps protect cells against aging while deeply plumping the skin.

The Complex Hyalurospirine is a patented active complex which includes hyaluronic acid, pure stabilised phycocyanine (7000 more powerful than spirulina, 20 times more potent than vitamin C) and Japanese Knotweed extract, an excellent source of resveratrol.

Murunga extract, a booster of collagen synthesis, elastin and hyaluronic acid restores skin firmness, smoothes, fills deep wrinkles and rebalances the skin microbiome.

Reishi extract, known as the mushroom of immortality, promotes cell renewal and fights redness.

AHA Fruit acids illuminate the complexion by working while you sleep, removing dead cells from the skin.

How to apply:

Apply two pumps at night on face and neck after cleansing avoiding the eye area.

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