Calmosine - Digestion 12 sachets


Calmosine - Digestion

Soothing drink to aid digestion containing organic plant extracts.

CALMOSINE digestion is a natural, gentle food supplement for all the family containing aqueous plant extracts. Fennel improves digestion, while Lime flower is well known for its soothing properties, especially in the digestive tract. Orange blossom brings its delicate fragrance to the formula.

12 sachets.

To produce CALMOSINE digestion, Laboratoires LAUDAVIE opted right from the start to select plants sourced from organic agriculture, grown by farmers committed to using environmentally-friendly methods. The CALMOSINE digestion range (bottle and sachets) has BIO organic certification.

  • Can be used in even the youngest babies
  • A flavour to please everyone, irrespective of age
  • Easy to use (ready to use)

With fennel

to limit digestive discomfort

With lime flower

to aid digestion and soothe

With orange blossom

to give the formula its delicate fragrance

How to use:

5ml to drink before each meal up to 6 times per day. Fill the dose-cap until the 5ml graduation, rinse it after each use.
Calmosine Digestion can be given to children from the youngest age, by respecting the advice of use.

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