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Castor equi Boiron

Castor equi Boiron

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Boiron Castor equi  is a homeopathic 
medicine traditionally used as a
preventive measure against nipple
cracks during breastfeeding. Cracks are small sores that can appear on the nipple after breastfeeding. The following feedings can be painful and
the cracks can turn this special momentinto a real ordeal.
COMPOSITION OF THE CASTOR EQUI Boiron The active substance of this homeopathic medicine is Castor equi mother
tincture: 0.80 g for a 20 g tube. The other component is petroleum jelly. Castor equi Boiron is used in local
application after having cleaned
carefully the area. This product can be used during pregnancy and lactation. You must follow your doctor's
instructions. Before each breastfeeding session, it
is necessary to clean your nipple area, in order to get rid of any residue.
You can place a compress soaked in lukewarm water on your nipple before 
breastfeeding. If there is no improvement after 10
days, visit your doctor. Capacity: 1 tube of 20 g
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