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Delabarre - Gingival Gel 20g

Delabarre - Gingival Gel 20g

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Delabarre - Gingival Gel



The Delabarre gel, combined with gum massage, helps reduce pain during baby teething. 

Its exclusive formula of natural and soothing ingredients, helps soften the inflamed mucosa to facilitate the passage of the tooth through the gum. 

The massage of the gum with the Delabarre gel on a clean finger helps stimulate blood circulation and effectively relieves baby.

How to use:

2 to 4 applications a day on the sore gum by massaging gently with a clean finger for 2 to 3 minutes. 

The applications are to be distributed during the day according to the pain felt.


Ingredients:  Soft aqueous extract  of tamarind pulp, tincture of saffron , glycerol, hydroxyethylcellulose (natrasol H 250), saccharin, sorbic acid (E 200), methyl parahydroxylbenzoate (E 218), propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E 216), purified water .

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