Durance - Sparkling Holly Perfumed Candle 180g


Durance - Sparkling Holly Perfumed Candle


A bouquet of holly dressed in gold and sequins sparkles and illuminates your interior and sprinkles its powdery and cocooning vegetal notes in your home. 

The sparkling holly fragrance developed by our master perfumers in Grasse opens first with waves of bergamot and violet before revealing its floral heart with notes of heliotrope, jasmine and camellia on a musky and woody base. . 

Perfume notes:




Top notes:

Bergamot / Violet / Vegetal accord

Heart notes:

Heliotrope / Jasmine / Camellia

Background notes:

White sandalwood / Musk / Cedar

Shipping restriction:

This product can only be shipped to UK and European Destinations

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