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Polaar - Eternal Snow Youthful Promise Eye Contour
Polaar - Eternal Snow Youthful Promise Eye Contour

Polaar - Eternal Snow Youthful Promise Eye Contour


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Eternal Snow Youthful Promise Eye Contour

Like an anti-ageing protective shield, Nunatak flowers’ active ingredients provide firmness, elasticity and comfort around the eyes. With infinite softness, the Youthful Eye Contour treatment restores the radiance of the eyes.


A natural polar active ingredient

For thousands of years, in the peaks beyond the eternal snows where air and vegetation are becoming scarce, have been living Arctic Flowers, also known as Nunatak. Nunatak Flower is a plant that managed to survive the last Ice Age. A few tens of thousands of years ago, a glaciation of nearly 100,000 years covered the northern hemisphere. Nearly 90% of living species have been destroyed. Only robust species survived, but some plants used an original adaptation method by “fleeing” the ice. They have taken refuge on rocky spurs not covered with ice: Nunataks and have developed their own defence system to cope with intense cold and drought (antioxidant production, morphological adaptation).

The exceptional antioxidant power of this flower has been concentrated in our Eternal Snow formulas to help the skin regain its original beauty and significantly improve its elasticity and firmness.

The epidermis regains a second youthful appearance when in contact with this melting cream, which combines regenerating and protective properties. The skin is plumped, smooth and hydrated.

Capable of stimulating cell regeneration, they bring freshness and well-being to this delicate area that is the eye contour area. The eye contour area is very fragile. 3 to 5 times thinner than the rest of the face, it is not very resistant. At the same time, it is extremely solicited: our eyes make about 10,000 blinks every day! Very low in sebaceous glands, it is therefore poorly protected against dehydration.

Rich in moisturizing and anti-oxidant active ingredients, the Eternal Snow Youth Eye Contour restores elasticity and resistance to the thin skin of the eye contour area.
 Its fine micro-emulsion texture penetrates instantly and acts as a mini eye lift, reducing wrinkles. Its regenerative power restores the freshness of the eye contour area.

Its tubular cannula format allows for precise dosage and better hygiene.

This treatment is formulated without parabens, alcohol or mineral oil. Vegan. Made in France, it has been tested under dermatological control.


Apply daily to the eye area with fingertips. Start at the inner corner of the eye and smooth gently towards the outer corner of the eye. Massage lightly into the crow’s feet to penetrate.


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