Hépar - Water 330ml


Hépar - Water


Sourced from Vosges,  very close to the Vittel source, Hépar is a popular French water.

Being extremely rich in Magnesium, which aids muscle contraction and the transmission of nerve impulses, the producer recommends the use of Hepar for those with an increased requirement for the mineral. Magnesium itself is a vital mineral for all stages of life.

Hepar mineral water has particular guidelines for the following groups:

Women over 55 years, Men over 65 years

Deficiencies of Magnesium are becoming more frequent, particularly because of an inadequate intake through diet. In addition, their dietary needs for Magnesium is increased: from 360 mg to 420 mg per day. They should therefore be regulated strictly to their requirements. Hépar by its uniquely rich in Magnesium, can help to cover these needs.

Pregnant women

Current recommendations are to adjust the intake of Magnesium during pregnancy (400 mg / day) and also during lactation (390 mg / day). However, rest assured, the severe deficits in Magnesium are very rare in women pregnant or nursing; moderate deficits in Magnesium are more frequent. It is therefore necessary increase your daily consumption of foods rich in Magnesium such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, some seeds, and increase the daily volume of mineral drinks (like Hepar) to 2 pints of water per day.


Highly mineralized water Hepar is not suitable for everyday hydration of the infant. It can still be used occasionally for constipation, though one must always seek medical advice.

Composition in mg/litre

  • pH (at source) 7
  • Total Dissolved Solids 2580
  • Calcium 555
  • Magnesium 110
  • Sodium 14
  • Potassium –
  • Bicarbonates 403
  • Sulphates 1479
  • Chlorides –
  • Nitrates 2.9
  • Silica –

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