Holidermie - Pink Quartz Face DuoRoller


Holidermie - Pink Quartz Face DuoRoller

1 Piece

Use the pink quartz DuoRoller to relax the facial muscles, firm up the skin, smooth out the signs of aging and correct fine lines. 

Holidermie has selected pink quartz for its Gua Sha. As far back as Ancient Egypt, this stone was known for its physical healing properties and was used to maintain youthful skin. Pink quartz powder is still used in anti-wrinkle masks today. In lithotherapy, pink quartz represents love, and is connected to the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. It symbolizes inner peace. 

How to use:

Roll the DuoRoller - ideally chilled in the refrigerator between uses - over the whole face, pressing firmly on all the muscles. Move from the center outwards or from the bottom to the top of your face.

 Use the smaller DuoRoller for your eye contour and lips, moving from the center outwards. The cold stone will relax the muscles and tighten pores. Use on clean skin or in combination with your Holidermie skincare products such as the serum, cream, facial oil or face mask to promote absorption into the skin.
After each use, clean the Facial DuoRoller with soap and water (or any mild detergent), then rinse with clear water and wipe off with a dry cloth. Store it in its bag.


Metal,100% pink quartz stone (Brazil origin)

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