Kiss The Moon - Glow Bath Salts

Kiss The Moon - Glow Bath Salts

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Restorative Orange & Geranium bath salts that help you to sleep beautifully

Sleep-inducing aromatherapy essential oils with detoxifying Magnesium and Dead Sea Salts to ease muscles & nourish skin & soul before bed

400g (10-12 baths)

Made with our GLOW blend of relaxing essential oils - Orange, Geranium, Myrrh & Litsea to nourish and restore your skin and your soul at bedtime

BEAUTIFUL SLEEP: Soak away the day with these mineral rich salts. A natural source of magnesium (the sleepy mineral that helps the body make serotonin and instill a sense of wellbeing). Infused with warm citrus & delicious floral essential oils, to chase away anxiety at bedtime and help you go to sleep feeling positive

BEAUTIFUL SKIN: Skin-softening oils from the orange tree work hand in hand with Geranium and Myrrh to heal and rebalance skin’s natural equilibrium. Fine grade Epsom & Dead Sea Salts detox the body and soothe the skin. White Tea & Coconut Seed Oil provide an antioxidant boost and leave the skin nourished & moisturised