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L52 Etats Grippaux

L52 Etats Grippaux

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60 Tablets

Homeopathic medicine L52 Lehning traditionally used in flu-like conditions, febrile body aches, nonproductive coughs.

L 52 is a homeopathic complex that can be recommended in adults, children, pregnant or lactating women (pregnancy) and for cats and dogs (and other pets).

Respect the dosages of the L52 in homeopathic drops.

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Eupatorium perfoliatum 3 DH
acontinum 4 DH
bryonia 3 DH
arnica montana 4 DH
Gelsemium 6 DH
China rubra 4 DH
belladona 4 DH
Drosera 3 DH
Polygala senega 3 DH
Eucalyptus globulus 1 DH
Excipient with known effect: ethanol (alcohol)

Advice for use and dosage

  • Posology of L52 in case of influenza in adults: 20 drops 5 to 8 times a day.
  • For children, the dosage of L52 is one   quarter dose or half dose depending on age. This homeopathic medicine is not recommended before 2 years.
  • In veterinary medicine , the usual dosage of L52 for cats and dogs (and other pets) is 10 drops per 5kg live weight per day.

To take in a little water, preferably outside meals.

It is advisable to space the catches of Lehning L52 complex for improvement of flu symptoms (body aches, fevers, pain, body aches).
Oral way.

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