Murine - Hayfever Relief 2% Eye Drops 10ml


Murine - Hayfever Relief 2% Eye Drops


Murine hayfever relief eye drops is a prescription-strength solution yet available in the healthcare aisles for self-selection providing real relief and treatment for the eye symptoms of hayfever. Murine hayfever relief eye drops contain sodium cromoglicate which reduces the body's response to the hayfever allergen by stopping the production of histamines and in turn prevents the eye symptoms of hayfever such as itchy red and watery eyes from developing. These eye drops provide a straight forward rapid and effective means of reducing eye discomfort caused by hayfever symptoms.


Sodium cromoglicate 2% W/V (active ingredient) Sodium chloride Disodium edetate Polysorbate 80 Benzalkonium chloride Water

How to use:

Adults elderly and children over 6 years - Wash your hands before using the drops. Tilt your head back and carefully pull down your lower eyelid. Without touching the eyelid with the tip of the dropper put one or two drops into your lower lid and then blink a few times to make sure your whole eye is covered by the liquid. Replace cap securely on the bottle. If your eyes are no better after two days of using the eye drops see your doctor. If you find you need to use the drops continuously for more than 14 days then check with your pharmacist or doctor before continuing.


Not suitable for children under 6 years. Consult with doctor or pharmacist before using if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Always read instructions and cautions before use. Side effects may occur if they do consult doctor straight away

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