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Nelsons - Nat Mur 30c

Nelsons - Nat Mur 30c

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Homoepathic remedy available in our unique Clikpak™ dispenser for ease of use.

 Instructions: Press base hard to break seal. Press base twice to release 2 pillules into the cap. Unscrew cap. Place pillules directly into mouth without touching them. Pillules to be sucked or chewed and to be taken between meals.

Ingredients: Nat Mur 30c

Dosage: 2 pillules every 2 hours for the first 6 doses, then 4 times daily for up to 5 days or until symptoms improve. If symptoms worsen or persist consult a doctor.

Indications: A homeopathic medicinal product without approved therapeutic indications.

Size: 84 pillules

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