Nuby - The Nibbler Blue & Orange 6+ Months


Nuby - The Nibbler Blue & Green 6+ Months

1x Nibbler

Our Nibbler will be a hit at any mealtime with your little foodie. Designed to help your baby transition from pure to solids. Simply pack the little net with fruit or veggies and watch as they explore the world of food.

  • Perfect for little ones exploring solid foods
  • Safe squeeze and twist locking system
  • Detachable net for easy cleaning
  • Comes with handy hygiene lid perfect for travel
  • Replacement nets available to buy

Great for getting your little one used to different textures and flavours, sweet and bitter (you'll want your camera at the ready to capture some of the faces they pull too - trust us, they're hilarious). The little chunky handle is ideal for your messy mealtime monster’s hands to hold too. Plus, it will help improve that hand-eye coordination and motor skill. 

We know it can be a little daunting letting your baby try solids for the first time, with the Nibbler, however, there’s no need to stress, your little one will get all the flavours, textures, and juices minus the worry of choking. With a Squeeze & Twist Locking System, it's super safe & keeps your little one from opening. What’s best is, it’s easy to clean! Simply screw the handle top off, remove the net and rise away what’s left. To keep your nibbler fresh, clean, and hygienic we recommend replacing the net every so often.

TOP TIP - If your little one is teething you can even fill the net with frozen fruits or ice to soothe sore, sensitive gums. 

Customer care:

Only let little ones use this product when an adult is watching over them. Make sure you check over these the nets regularly and throw away at the first sign of damage. Staining may occur if the product is allowed to come into contact with oil-based foods (e.g. oil/tomato based sauces). Red fruits & Banana can stain quite easily & work better when used as a puree in yogurt & frozen but there's replacement nets available easily anyway if they do start to get a little grubby looking along the way.

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