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Oligosol - Manganèse Cobalt

Oligosol - Manganèse Cobalt

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28 vials

Oligosol Manganese and Cobalt is a product of LABCATAL laboratories is based on the principles of oligotherapy to treat autonomic nervous system and abnormal states.

The route of administration of this product is the oral and sublingual recommended it for better absorption.

It comes in a box containing 28 vials of 2ml. 

A vial at breakfast and another 15 minutes before eating or bed-night is recommended.

Place the liquid under the tongue for 1-2 minutes to produce its maximum effect. The exact composition is Gluconate Magnesium 0.590mg, Gluconate Cobalt 0.553mg, Glucose anhydrous 100.00mg, Purified Water 2ml per vial.

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