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Optibac - Probiotics Bifidobacteria & Fibre

Optibac - Probiotics Bifidobacteria & Fibre

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Optibac - Probiotics Bifidobacteria & Fibre 

10 Sachets 

Bifidobacteria & fibre from OptiBac Probiotics is a live cultures supplement which is high in fibre. With the extensively researched strain, Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12.

Live cultures with FOS fibres; fibre may help to maintain regular bowel movements.

Whos it for?
For anyone, from 1 year onwards, who is seeking a natural option.

Each sachet provides
5 billion live cultures + 4g of FOS fibres, guaranteed until end of expiry.

Bifidobacteria & fibre (For maintaining regularity) is a natural supplement containing carefully selected microorganisms and fibres. Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12® has seen extensive scientific and clinical research, and is thought to be the worlds most researched strain of the entire family of Bifidobacteria. Whats more this high quality strain is scientifically proven to survive stomach acidity and biliary salts to reach the gut alive. The ingredient Fructooligosaccharide (FOS), makes this product naturally high in fibre. FOS may act as a food source for the bodys natural bacteria, and as roughage in the bowels.

OptiBac Probiotics Bifidobacteria & fibre can be taken once a day for ongoing maintenance; or as and when desired, in which case we recommend taking up to 4 sachets a day.

Thanks to the high amount of natural fibre in this supplement, it may be especially suitable for those with constipation.

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