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PhytoQuant - Quanta Flore 60 Gelules

PhytoQuant - Quanta Flore 60 Gelules

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PhytoQuant - Quanta Flore

60 Gelules

Unique, proprietary blend of probiotics, pre-biotics and coriander.


Lactic ferments: bacteria that produce lactic acid, hence the name lactobacilli (which does not refer to milk or lactose). PhytoQuant has selected four different strains: two that target the upper colon and two that target the lower colon. Our immune system’s balance also depends on the quality of our intestinal flora. Two capsules provide 5 billion microbes, a necessary and sufficient quantity for the ample survival of bacteria in the stomach and their passage through the intestines.

Short-chain fructooligosaccharides (SC-FOS): selected for a better efficacy/tolerance ratio.

Inulin supplements the action of FOS and nourishes lactic ferments.

Coriander: facilitates the removal of digestive toxins and helps maintain a normal balance of gases in the digestive tract. Coriander is used to promote digestion and supports immune function.

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