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Roll On Jade - Anti Ageing Roller Pink Quartz
Roll On Jade - Anti Ageing Roller Pink Quartz
Roll On Jade - Anti Ageing Roller Pink Quartz
Roll On Jade - Anti Ageing Roller Pink Quartz

Roll On Jade - Anti Ageing Roller Pink Quartz

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Roll On Jade - Anti Ageing Roller Pink Quartz

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The natural fine stone Roll-On is an ancestral Chinese massage tool recognised for thousands of years. It promotes lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation, helps to stimulate collagen and elastin and allows better absorption of treatments while increasing their effectiveness. The skin is drained, more supple and smoother.

Rose Quartz has many energetic benefits for the skin. It is a stone for women par excellence, it is a soothing, healing stone, ideal for mature or dry skin and the first signs of ageing.

Massaging with the Roll-On helps to drain the lymph and eliminate toxins, improve blood circulation, make skin care products penetrate more quickly and increase their effectiveness, decongest the eye contour area by reducing puffiness and dark circles, but also the sinuses, massage and relax certain muscles and tensions in the face, stimulate the production of collagen, visibly improve the skin texture, fight against sagging and ageing by smoothing out the first wrinkles and fine lines.

How to use:

Use for 1-5 minutes on clean skin with a previously applied oil/serum. Place the tool in the fridge for a few minutes to decongest or in warm water to relax.

Prepare your lymph glands by massaging them (at the base of the neck and at the level of the collarbones)

1. Start at the forehead, smoothing from the centre outwards and then from the bottom upwards.

2. Smooth with the large roller along the brow line to sculpt.

3. Decongest the eye area with the small roller, smooth from the inside to the outside, using light pressure, then with the eyes closed, use the large roller and smooth from the inside to the outside. To work on fine lines, massage in a grid pattern more intensely and quickly in the crow's feet area.

4. Then, to sculpt the cheekbones, massage starting from the nose, passing under the cheekbone and working up towards the ears.

5. Sculpt the oval of the face, passing under the chin and smoothing down to the ears.

6. To work on the double chin, start at the neck and quickly work your way up to under the chin.

7. Finish the drainage by going down to the neck, smoothing from the top to the bottom of the neck to the décolletage. (Repeat 5 to 10 times).


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