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Saforelle - Florgynal Tampons Normal (22)

Saforelle - Florgynal Tampons Normal (22)

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Saforelle - Florgynal Tampon Normal


Saforelle Florgynal Probiotic Tampons rebalance the vaginal flora and absorb the menstrual flows.

Saforelle Florgynal Probiotic Tampon maintain the vaginal flora's balance. Lactobacillus, which are the most numerous bacterias in the vaginal flora, prevent it from the growth of pathogen germs.

These lactobacilli are the natural constituents of vaginal flora. They secrete lactic acid to keep the vaginal flora pH normal. These tampons are designed for women who have an unbalance of the vaginal flora, as well as women who want to prevent it.

Indeed, this unbalance leads to different symptoms, such as vaginal discomfort, prurit, bad smell or losses.

The state of vaginal flora can be enhanced if you use regularly Florgynal Probiotic tampons during your menstruations.

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