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Nelsons - Spatone 14 day

Nelsons - Spatone 14 day

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Spatone is a 100% natural liquid iron supplement which is gentle yet effective. It has been clinically proven to be a highly absorbable source of iron, avoiding the gastro-intestinal side-effects often associated with supplemental iron intake. Sachets can be taken as they are or added to fruit juice - making Spatone the most convenient liquid iron available to customers.

Instructions: Do not exceed recommended use. Keep out of reach of small children.

Ingredients: Natural water with each sachet containing 5 mg of elemental iron as Fe2+

Dosage: One sachet of Spatone contains 5mg of iron which covers the daily amount of (absorbed) iron needed. During pregnancy it is recommended to take up to two sachets a day.

How to use:

Indications: For anybody who is vunerable to iron deficiency - especially pregnant and post-natal women, children over two years and adults, vegetarians and vegans, the active, the elderly and the health conscious.

Size: 14 sachets

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