Synthol Kine - Massage Musculaire Roll-on 50ml


Syntholkine - Massage Musculaire Roll-on


Syntholkiné Massage Roll-On 50ml releases and supports muscular restoration. This gel with essential oils relieves the muscular tensions and allows you to recover faster, at the physical level.

Syntholkiné inspires itself from the methods of physiotherapists, proposing an effective, handy and ready-to-use solution. The roll-on is specially designed to make the massage easier, relax your muscles and thus relax yourself. Practical to use and discreet, you can put in in your bag and take it anywhere you want, to give yourself a restorative massage at any time of the day.

The roll-on's large ball allows:
- To massage the stiffened zones and thus soothe the muscular tensions through mechanical action.
- To deliver the adequate dose of gel.
- Not to touch the gel with your hands to spread it.

Results, your muscles are released. You feel relaxed as if you had just been given a massage, and you can enjoy your daily activities, in all serenity.


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