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Terre de Mars - Redemption Bio cellulose Mask 009 - Unit
Terre de Mars - Redemption Bio cellulose Mask 009 - Unit

Terre de Mars - Redemption Bio cellulose Mask 009 - Unit

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009 Redemption Bio-Cellulose Mask from Terre de Mars


It is the first Cosmos Natural certified caffeine mask according to ECOCERT Greenlife standard. It is made of bio-cellulose: a unique material coming from delicate natural coconut fibres.
Proudly made in France, it is pure, biodegradable and heat-sensitive.
Ingredients are sealed inside the mask until it gets in contact with the skin, minimizing evaporation. Thanks to its thin composition, it acts as a second skin, wrapping face lines for an optimal application.
Delicately infused with chamomile, aloe vera and caffeine, it instantly brings freshness to dull skin, plumping the skin while soothing it.

Ingredients :
  • BIO-CELLULOSE: Second skin effect. This mask is made from the extremely fine and delicate fibres of coconut. Pure, biodegradable and thermosensitive, it allows the active ingredients to be sealed before releasing them in contact with the skin, minimizing their evaporation.
  • CAMOMILLE *: Soothes thanks to its high concentration of flavonoids and apigenin, it has calming and anti-inflammatory properties by reducing redness, burning and swelling.
  • CAFFEINE: Repulpe As a vascular tonic, it reactivates the cutaneous microcirculation. It thus reduces the retention of water under the eyes and visibly erases puffiness and dark circles. Signs of fatigue fade and the skin naturally looks healthier.
* From organic farming
How to use :
Twice a week.

Clean and dry the skin before applying the mask. Ideally, make a scrub before to rid the skin of impurities and dead skin and thus benefit the maximum moisturizing care. Open the bag, unfold the mask and remove the protective film before applying. Adjust according to the eye contour and the mouth. Remove the second protection and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Enjoy this break to relax! Remove the mask, gently massage the excess serum until it penetrates the skin. Disposable.

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