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Michelle Roques O'Neill therapie life

Each founder possesses a unique life story, but Michelle Roques-O'Neil's journey is nothing short of a novel – extensive, and too detailed for this space, but we'll provide a concise overview. Therapie emerged from Michelle's four decades of profound experience, and it forms the foundation of her oils and treatments. Every product is carefully crafted to facilitate mindful rituals, assisting individuals in managing the daily stressors of life.

Michelle is providing 75-minute therapy appointments. 
Aroma Resonance therapy is a tranquil, heart-centered treatment designed to establish equilibrium and unity. The session includes:

- Conversation and visualization to focus intention (tailored to your specific needs)
- Aromatherapy, where essential oils are applied along nerve pathways and key pulse points to activate your senses
- Touch therapy to regulate the autonomic system and alleviate blockages
- Reiki to strengthen your inner self and dissolve negative patterns
- Sound therapy to harmonize, purify, and integrate.

Following your session, you'll leave feeling centered and whole. AromaResonance sessions are priced at £225 for a 75-minute appointment.

Please contact: 07890 265 802 or  0203 161 6922 to book your appointment or email at

Strictly 24 hour cancellation otherwise full fee will be payable.