Cellu-cup - Original Cup Colorchange


Cellu-cup - Original Cup Colorchange

Refine your silhouette and make your cellulite disappear with Cellu-cup®

Inspired by cupping therapy, Cellu-cup has created for women who like to feel good about their skin, a natural, healthy and sustainable concept: a combo of organic accessories and cosmetics that helps eliminate skin imperfections and reshape it for a more beautiful skin .

A little massage or shower oil (for a quicker use!) on your skin, your Cellu-cup by hand and let's go for a "palpate roll" DIY !

Areas for use:

• Massage with Cellu-cup can be done on the following areas: legs and thighs, hips, tummy, buttocks, on the triceps and the neck.

• Cellu-cup must never be applied on the following areas : breast glands, mucous membranes, eyes and genitals.

Do not use Cellu-cup:

• If you have malignant or benign tumor, cancer.
• If you have varicose veins in the treated area.
If you are suffering with fever and inflammatory state.
• After taking oral and / or injectable anticoagulant.
• In case of high blood pressure.
• If you experience dermatological diseases, skin lesions, sores, burns.
• If you have blood diseases, circulatory diseases.
• If you experience allergic reactions, eczema including contact eczema.
• If you have a large number of moles (beauty spots) on the treatment area. 
If in doubt, seek advice from a medical profesional.

shower gel to clean Cellu-cup.

• Do not ingest any part of the product.

How to use: 

Before you start:

A few minutes of preparation:

To succeed in your massage, you should NEVER USE your Cellu-cup ON DRY SKIN. To enable it to slide and massage you, you must:
• must either apply oil (like massage oil) or cream (using slimming cream) to the area,
• or, if you prefer, have your massage in the shower taking advantage of the soapy


Making the perfect skin fold:

To perform the skin-pinch and roll technique, you have to «pinch» the skin that is to say, the skin fold you will have made will then be moved and rolled. To succeed in creating this skin fold:

• strongly squeeze your Cellu-cup to remove the air it contains.

• apply Cellu-cup against your skin, on the curbed side edges, without releasing it. • release the Cellu-cup: the fold of skin appears inside, you have done it!
You can also watch the video on www.cellu-cup.com to complete this stage.

How to perform the massage:

Remember: the skin should never be dry

  • Move Cellu-cup (do not leave it on the same spot to avoid the risk of haematoma) over the area to be treated horizontally then vertically.

  • On the same area, make movements describing an «S» or little circles.
    These movements can be completed regardless of the area to be treated (buttocks, abdomen, hips, etc.) for at least 5 mn per area. This is indicative only, you must adapt usage to the treatment area and to the degree of your cellulite. 
    You can also watch the video on www.cellu-cup.com to complete this stage.

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