Koba - The Edges Collection Limited Edition Set

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Koba - The Edges Collection Limited Edition Set

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Our cult favourites bundled together to care for the driest parts, the parts most exposed; your hands, lips and feet. Three moisturising products that deliver a targeted, simple and effective routine to achieve lasting comfort and hydration. Fine textures, ingredients powered by nature and delicate fragrances that give your Edges some much needed TLC.

This limited edition gift set designed by Jane Black is curated to cater for the most exposed parts of your skin, with no wrapping required. A collection of our most coveted hydrating cult favourites, including the Bottom Up Foot Cream, the Touch Me Hand Cream and the Feeling Myself Lip Balm.

The perfect routine to make your skin feel comforted, soft and nourished during the colder months. Our edges are perhaps the hardest working parts of our bodies, the condition of which is affected by changes in weather, frequent washing, exposure to chemicals and much more. For these reasons our edges are more likely to have their skin barrier compromised, becoming prone to dehydration, cracks and hard skin. This collection gives your edges the targeted, intensive care it needs to soothe, smooth and protect the skin, while replenishing moisture.

What's inside:

Feeling Myself Lip Balm 14 g
A gently exfoliating and comforting lip balm to shield the lips from harsh weather and lock in moisture for the perfect pout all year round. Lips are left feeling hydrated, smoothed, and comforted with a subtle shimmer.

Touch Me Hand Cream 65 ml
A fast absorbing and deeply moisturising cream to soothe, smooth and hydrate your hands, while strengthening your nails and nourishing your cuticles. 

Bottom Up Foot Cream 100 ml
Dip your feet in lasting comfort and hydration. The ultimate solution to dry skin and cracked heels that refines textures and rejuvenates for energised feet throughout the day.

How to use:

Apply a small amount of each product with clean hands, insisting on the driest parts. A little goes a long way. For specific directions on how to use each product, refer to our visual guides on the individual product pages. 

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