Nailmatic - Temporary Coloring Tattoos - 12 Kawai Tattoos


Nailmatic - Temporary Coloring Tattoos

12 Kawai Tattoos

These tattoos will help you celebrate a kawaï birthday party or even a sleepover. A great excuse for dress up and try rainbow cake recipes! Also: a perfect gift idea for your little guests. 

Discover those new temporary tattoo concept: fun for everyone, easy to apply to achieve with the cutest custom coloured results. Kids can complete their work of art with drawings from their imagination. 

Skin art unfolds tons of colorful moments, they will surely love it! 

How to use:

- Use on clean, dry skin

- Cut out the tattoo, remove the transparent film and apply face against skin

- Soak the tattoo with a damp glove or sponge.

- Count to 30 and gently remove to reveal your tattoo’s white canvas

- Color the tattoo with TATTOOPEN markers

Easily removable the tattoo with cleansing milk or baby oil.


Recyclable cardboard and plastic packaging.  

Sets dimensions: 9.6 x 16.3 cm

Weight: 4g

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