NUK - Signature Soother 0-6m


NUK - Signature Soother 0-6m

2 Pieces

- With practical transport box
- Thin teat neck reduces pressure on jaws and teeth
- Jaw-friendly and flat Classic suction part
- Pacifier shield with ring to grab
- Can promote healthy oral development

The Signature silicone pacifiers in adorable green from NUK impress with their flat suction part and are particularly suitable for babies from birth to six months. The BPA-free baby pacifiers reduce pressure on teeth and jaws thanks to the narrow teat neck. The cute heart-shaped shield is equipped with a practical and fashionable-looking grip ring. The jaw-friendly sucking part has a smooth underside and offers the tongue space for natural sucking movements. Since the pacifiers are modeled on the nipple during breastfeeding, they can contribute to healthy oral development. The practical pacifier box is ideal for storing and cleaning in the microwave.

How to use:

• For hygiene reasons, clean and disinfect with hand dishwashing liquid (e.g. with NUK dishwashing cleaner) before each further use.

• After cleaning or disinfecting the pacifier, squeeze out any remaining liquid from the sucking part and then let it dry. Cleaning in the dishwasher can damage the pacifier.

• For hygienic preparation in the microwave: fill the pacifier box with water up to the bottom of the marking. Only then insert the pacifier. To ensure even heating and to avoid material damage, always place the box off-center on the turntable.

IMPORTANT: Heat the box closed for 4 minutes using the microwave power specified directly on the box (see engraving)! In addition, please note the device's operating instructions! Leave the device closed for another 5 minutes. Attention: Risk of scalding even after 5 minutes! Incorrect amount of water, time or wattage will cause material damage! Drain residual water. Allow the pacifier to dry in the unlocked box. Check temperature before use! Only suitable for NUK pacifiers.

• For safety and hygiene reasons, replace the pacifier after 1 to 2 months of use. Even without any visible damage, the strength of the vacuum cleaner may have decreased.

• In rare individual cases, children are able to take the pacifier completely into their mouth. In such a case, keep calm! Due to its special design, the pacifier cannot be swallowed and two breathing holes in the mouth plate ensure adequate breathing. Remove the pacifier from the child's mouth as gently as possible.

• Do not dip the pacifier in medicine or sweet substances or suck on the pacifier. Both can cause tooth decay in your child.

• Before using for the first time, boil for approx. 5 minutes, making sure there is enough liquid in the pot to avoid damage.

• Allow the pacifier to dry in the unlocked box. Check temperature before use!

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