Keep summer going a little longer

Keep summer going a little longer 


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Why is the end of summer so depressing?

According to psychologist Dr Céline Tran, it is because it rings as "the end of a freedom" for some people. The start of a 'new' year is linked to stress and constraints that we have not necessarily chosen, contrary to holidays where we choose our lifestyle, our schedules, etc. According to professionals, some also see their stress increase as they are unable to let go of those feelings.


 Can you keep your spirit up by keeping your tan and glow?

Well it doesn't hurt. Studies show that people tend to feel better about themselves when they look tanned or have a summer glow. As light changes and tan begins to fade, you can swap your tan for a 'bonne mine' effect which translates as a healthy glow effect.

UV has a magical power which is it thickens the epidermis, which in turn gives the impression that the skin is more beautiful and less prone to imperfections... but watch out for the rebound effect: when it returns to its normal state, you may see a bunch of spots, blackheads and other wonderful skin conditions. To prevent this, make sure you exfoliate and wash your face and body (double cleansing is a must to keep that glow). We love Terre de Mars Luminance coffee scrub for body and face. Follow by a very good moisturising routine and voilà, your summer glow should stay that much longer.


The idea is to slowly replace a fading tan with a healthy complexion.

Dr Marine recommends the application of a BB or CC cream like Bioderma Sensibio BB cream, perfect for the transition period before the foundation. They are especially suited because most contain sun protection.


Keep using sun protection
Just because you are no longer on the beach does not mean that you have to stop  using SPF: end of summer sun still is dangerous for the skin if you are exposed without sun protection. So we continue to use sun protection with a high SPF (at least 30) on body and face. Ideally we should use sun protection all year round.

We love the Anthelios Shaka Tinted Fluid from Cult French brand La Roche Posay with its SPF 50 and a tint to hide imperfections.



Care for your drenched summer hair
During summer, hair fibre is put to the test between UV, wind, sand, salt and/or chlorine.You often get a wavy effect that is rather nice when you’re in a bathing suit or in a summer dress, but when you look closer, you realise that the fibre is weakened. You either can enjoy it or get a fresh going-back-to-work haircut.

If you want to keep the length, you need to do overnight oil masks and deep treatments every other shampoo. We use Phytoelixir by Phyto for oil masks and Phytomillesime Hair Mask for that deep repair action.

Use only mild shampoos and refrain for overheating your hair with irons or hairdryers.


Boost your metabolism

And get some energy for 'la rentrée'.

We are not talking about doubling your caffeine intake but making sure you get the vital nutrients and vitamins needed to face the change from a slow paced summer to school runs and work deadlines.

Simply adding flaxseed or Chia seeds on your cereals or morning breakfast will boost your fibre intake and Omegas making things 'flow' better and a good digestion really does help maximising the absorption of nutrients.

Most of us are not getting enough vitamin B12, you are probably deficient if you don’t get enough from your diet or aren’t able to absorb enough from the food you eat. B12 deficiency can lead to anaemia, fatigue, muscle weakness, intestinal problems, nerve damage and mood disturbances. Dr Marine recommends BetterYou Boost B12 oral spray for maximum absorption and energy boost.