Méthode Trévalinet unveils a revolutionary approach to longevity with its Sublime Lymphatic Drainage treatment. Designed to promote beauty, mental well-being, and optimal health, this method targets the core pillars of
Unlike conventional lymphatic drainage techniques, Méthode Trévalinet incorporates a unique fusion of methodologies, including Renata, Vodder, and Kobido, coupled with traditional Chinese acupressure.
This innovative blend facilitates the elimination of toxins, reduces water retention, enhances digestion, and bolsters the immune system by optimizing lymphatic function and immune cell circulation.

Rebecca, co-founder of Méthode alongside her mother Emmanuelle, embodies a fusion of tradition and innovation in the realm of holistic wellness.
Trained in the Renata França method and boasting a repertoire of experience in both Paris and London, Rebecca brings a modern touch to the timeless practices of lymphatic drainage and sophrology. Collaborating with her mother, who possesses over two decades of expertise in these fields, Rebecca's Parisian roots ground Méthode Trévalinet in a commitment to excellence and authenticity. Together, they have curated a bespoke approach that marries their individual knowledge, experience, and methodologies, inviting clients on a journey of self-discovery and renewal through personalised treatments aimed at uplifting both body and spirit.

Méthode Trévalinet Le Sublime 60 mins Body
Méthode Trévalinet Le Sublime face&body 90mins
Méthode Trévalinet Le Sublime face 30mins
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Treatments are available exclusively for women