Dalia Azar Acupuncture

Dalia Azar is a licensed and experienced acupuncturist member of the British Acupuncture Council. She obtained her Bachelor of Science Acupuncture degree BSc(Hons) from London South Bank University in 2018. Feeling so passionate about Chinese Medicine herself, Dalia has developed a diverse set of skills to assist patients with a wide range of conditions, including fertility issues, stress, anxiety, systemic health, migraines, headaches, MSK pain, emotional imbalances, and more.

Dalia also holds a Certificate of Higher Education in Medicine from the College of Integrated Chinese, focusing on “Understanding Endometriosis & PCOS.” This specialized training allows her to better support patients grappling with these complex conditions, providing them with comprehensive care and tailored treatment plans

Dalia has also been practising TaiChi since 2018 and went on a one-month retreat in Shanghai to deepen her practice. This immersive experience greatly enriches her acupuncture practice, reflecting a holistic approach to patient care.

Dalia is also passionate about nutrition and is currently pursuing her Diploma of Higher Education in Nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine. She strongly believes that the combination of both nutrition and acupuncture holds the potential to highly benefit patients' lives, offering them optimal outcomes. 

Dalia is fluent in English and French. She also speaks intermediate Spanish and Arabic (Lebanese).

Fertility issues

IVF assistance

Women's Health issues

Musculoskeletal conditions and pain management

Stress and anxiety

Digestive disorders

Migraines and headaches

Sleep issues

Emotional imbalances

Immune System Support

Pricing and Booking:

Initial consultation (60 minutes):  £95

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Follow Up Consultation (45 Minutes): £85

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