Nutritional Coaching at Slim with Candy goes beyond diets

Candy Duval Nutritional Coaching

Candy, redefines Nutritional Coaching. It's not just about dieting; it's about transforming your relationship with food. Candy understands that weight loss and improved eating habits are achieved not only through what you eat but also by addressing emotional eating, food beliefs, and the fear of regaining weight.

Her approach combines valuable tools, experiments, role-playing games, and mindfulness exercises to create an educational and sustainable nutrition journey, leading to long-lasting results. Her goal is to help you find the right balance and make informed food choices that align with your objectives, whether it's weight loss, digestive comfort, or overall healthy eating.

What sets Candy apart is the personalization and support she offers. Her coaching is 100% personalized, with unlimited support available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Here's what Candy offers:
- A free 30-minute consultation available online through her website.
- Two comprehensive plans:
-- 3-month plan: £1100, with a detailed analysis of your food diary, follow-up consultations, and ongoing support.
-- 5-month plan: £1500, including a thorough analysis, follow-up consultations, and continuous support.

About Candy Duval:

Candy Duval, a former HR manager with 20 years of corporate experience, made a career transition in 2019 to follow her passion for Nutrition and Health. She's dedicated to helping busy individuals, including senior executives and parents, achieve physical health, adopt a healthier lifestyle, shed weight permanently, and regain their vitality.

Her Process:
1. Personal Assessment: Candy analyzes your food diary, exercise routine, personal and professional environment, and more to understand your unique needs and challenges.
2. Personalized Coaching: she provides friendly and informal coaching sessions tailored to your body's needs, food preferences, timetable, and budget. After each session, you receive a custom report summarizing our recommendations.
3. Ongoing Support: Candy keeps you motivated between consultations with regular messages, tips, recipes, podcasts, articles, and more.

Her support covers a wide range of aspects, from meal planning and exercise suggestions to managing cravings and reading food labels. Candy helps you navigate holidays, special events, and alcohol consumption. Her goal is to provide holistic support to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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