French Girl Hair.

 French Girl Hair.

The secret is there is no secret. Like skincare and wellness, all you need is for your hair to be healthy inside out. And like everything else, prevention is the most important step in our routine.


We are big in supplementing. 

A lot of things can impact the state of your hair but especially vitamin and minerals deficiencies. For example, research has shown that vitamin D plays a role in stimulating new and old follicles. According to Dr Almohanna 'micronutrients are major elements in the normal hair follicle cycle, playing a role in cellular turnover'. Iron deficiency is also very common in hair loss.

We will often do 'une cure' of supplements, getting the right nutrients until your hair feels and looks healthy.

Phyto phanere hair&skin supplements £37

PhytoPhanère is a dietary supplement formulated with renowned vitamins, plant extracts, and minerals as zinc which contributes to the maintenance of normal hairs and nails to strengthen and help the growth of them. Vitamin B6 contributes to normal cysteine synthesis. Biotin (Vitamin B8) contributes to the maintenance of normal hair.

 Sugarbear hair £20.99

Sugar Bear Hair was formulated with essential hair-friendly vitamins like biotin, folic acid, and Vitamin D.
Just chew and swallow 2 gummy bears a day to get all the nutrients needed to meet your hair goals! Unlike the conventional large, gross vitamins, our gummies are easy to take and are gentle on your stomach. 


Massage your scalp.

During your shampoo, take the time to massage your scalp. Use light circular mouvements with the tips of your fingers. This will activate microcirculation from your roots and make your hair stronger.

You can also add a scalp massage when you do your hair treatment once a week.

A weekly hair mask (oil or cream) can strenghten and protect your hair strands and make even the driest hair look healthy.

Lazartigue Intensive Repair Mask.

Resuscitate and rejuvenate fine, dry hair with the Lazartigue Nourish Light Nutrition Mask. This ultra-nourishing formula invigorates thinner tresses with enviable lustre and shine without adding uncomfortable weight.

Hei Poa Hair Mask Nourishing Repair

Enriched with Tahiti Monoi Oil, this mask intensely nourishes dry, damaged and brittle hair. A veritable treatment, it repairs and strengthens hair fibres, providing anti-breakage action. Nourished and repaired, hair regains its softness and shine, and is left with the sweet scent of coconut water.


Protect your hair from the sun.

In high doses, sun exposure weakens the scalp and hair. Too long exposure can even cause dandruff, as well as impacting the roots. The result is hair that thins, breaks or falls more easily. Needless to say, if your hair is already very fragile, exposing it several hours a day will not help. Use a protective hair care, which will protect your hair from the sun’s rays.

Phyto Plage Original protective sun oil £17

A luxurious sun protective oil that delivers water-resistant protection against damaging UV rays and guards color while creating a sleek, polished finish.

Hei Poa Hair oil £9.99

Let yourself be transported by the rich and exotic notes of Pure Tahiti Monoi Oil AO. Made by soaking fresh Tiare flowers in Copra Oil, Monoi oil is Tahiti's best-kept beauty secret.A multi-purpose product, it is used to hydrate*, nourish, soften and repair your skin and hair.


Brush your hair.

Make a habit of brushing your hair every morning and especially in the evening before bedtime. This action frees them from the impurities and pollution they have accumulated during the day and oxygens the roots. Be careful, however, to use a high-quality hair brush and to overdo this beauty ritual at the risk of breaking the hair fiber.

Tangle Teezer £14

Perfect for use on wet hair, it gently but confidently detangles vulnerable hair, helping to cause less breakage. Use it to draw conditioning treatments through the hair to prepare for your healthiest ever blow-dry. It has an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable and non-slip grip when using in the shower.




Use the right hair care

The products you choose to maintain your hair are also important for their vitality. The main thing is to choose products adapted to the needs of your hair. Hair dull and weakened? Try restorative care with keratin. Oily and flat hair? Try shampoos and purifying or sebo-regulating care. It’s all about respecting the nature of your hair.


Intensely replenishing Nectar des Rêves, a blend of Argan, Apricot, Camellia and Egyptian Geranium oils, creates a luxurious veil of moisture that detangles and adds an enviable gleam. Bask in the deliciously floral fragrance as the dry oil works its natural magic.
Provide your sensitive scalp with immediate and long-lasting relief with the Klorane Peony Soothing & Anti Irritating Gel Conditioner, a soothing and anti-irritating conditioner with peony extract.