Nuxe's Journey: From Iconic Oil to Revolutionary Anti-Ageing Skincare

Nuxe's Journey: From Iconic Oil to Revolutionary Anti-Ageing Skincare

By Dr Marine 

As a French pharmacist deeply immersed in skincare traditions, my reflections on experiences in French pharmacies evoke both nostalgia and a Madeleine de Proust moment. NUXE, an enduring brand celebrated in every French pharmacy, is renowned for its iconic Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse and a sensory-driven approach to skincare.


During the early days in France, NUXE's commitment to fully harnessing the extraordinary power of nature was evident and groundbreaking. My journey from a pharmacist in France to establishing The French Pharmacy in London has been fuelled by a passion to share the finest of French skincare globally, with NUXE consistently holding a top spot in my preferences.


Now, as the founder of The French Pharmacy, I am delighted to introduce NUXE's latest marvel—the Nuxuriance range featuring the ground-breaking Alfa [3R] Technology. This innovation, born from nature's remarkable potency, stands as a testament to NUXE's unwavering commitment to skincare excellence.


At the core of Alfa [3R] Technology lies a trio of natural-origin ingredients—Alfalfa extract, Hyaluronic acid, and Day Lily extract. These elements synergize to provide a comprehensive anti-aging correction that goes beyond retinol results, addressing the main signs of aging with less irritation. Yes, really, beyond retinol and less irritating. The dream!


What truly impressed me with this new version of the Nuxuriance hero range is NUXE's commitment to authenticity and quality in its ingredients—the foundation of superior skincare. Through botanical DNA Research, each plant's genetic signature is precisely identified, ensuring the right species and effective active molecules, defining NUXE skincare. NUXE goes further, collaborating with DNA Gensee, a verification agency, ensuring the authenticity, safety, and quality of ingredients while prioritizing sustainable sourcing and plant resource protection.


The trio of ultra-powerful anti-ageing ingredients in Alfa [3R] Technology—Alfalfa extract, Hyaluronic acid, and Day Lily extract—forms a regenerative plant concentrate with a powerful restorative action on the dermis and epidermis. This will be the root for healthy skin by promoting cell regeneration.


This bio-fermented, natural-origin concoction acts as a regenerative force on the skin's supporting fibres, offering antioxidant and anti-glycation properties. Indispensable for protecting the skin for premature signs of aging.

The three patents encapsulated in [3R] Technology resurface the skin, smoothing its surface; renew skin by activating skin renewal; and revitalize skin activity, stimulating a youthful glow.

As retinol would, but with heightened and superior efficacy.

Having personally tested and used the products, I can attest to the uniqueness of the formulations while preserving the essence that made NUXE an iconic French brand in pharmacies: a harmonious blend of sensorial experience and efficiency.

NUXE's commitment to excellence, coupled with the revolutionary Alfa [3R] Technology, elevates the Nuxuriance range to new heights in the realm of skincare. As a French pharmacist deeply ingrained in the worlds of pharmaceuticals and skincare, it brings me immense pleasure to witness and share innovations that redefine standards in beauty and well-being.