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Zirtec - Cetirizine Allergy Solution 150ml

Zirtec - Cetirizine Allergy Solution 150ml

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Zirtec - Cetirizine Allergy Solution 150ml
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Zirtec - Cetirizine Allergy Solution


Zirtek Allergy 1mg/ml Oral Solution is a cetirizine hydrochloride based oral syrup that is known to offer instant relief from allergic symptoms like sneezing, runny and blocked up nose, itchy and watery eyes.nHistamines are produced in our body during an allergic attack by allergens like dust, mould spores, pet dander etc. The cetirizine present in the Zirtek Oral Solution combats these histamines by preventing it from triggering allergic reaction in the body.nThis banana flavoured sugar-free syrup can also be used to treat urticaria and chronic idiopathic urticaria, and is suitable for use for children aged 6 years and above

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