Emma is a registered Osteopath in London. She graduated from the University College of Osteopathy, Central London.

Originally from South of France, brought up amongst a highly medically trained family she grew up being fascinated by the health of the human body and its way of functioning.
After two years of medical studies in Montpellier, she chose to study osteopathy for its strong holistic philosophy and went to London due to the high quality of qualification and her desire to live abroad.

Being invested and passionate about health and alternative medicine, in addition to her Master in Osteopathy she carried out additional training such as:

– Pediatrics and Women’s Health with the Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC)
– Visceral manipulation with the Barral’s Institute,
– Cranial osteopathy with the Rollin Becker Institute, and OCC
– Classical total body adjustment with the Institute of Classical Osteopathy,
– Dry needling and acupuncture
– Meditation and mindfulness for chronic pain, with Hilary Abbey,
– Taping


. Initial Consultation of osteopathy - £85 

. Follow up (30 min) - £70

. Follow up (45 min) - £80