Absolute Aromas - AromAbout Car Diffuser


Absolute Aromas -  AromAbout Car Diffuser

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The AromAbout Diffuser is ideal for diffusing essential oils whilst on the move, use as a natural car freshener or to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils in your car. Simply plug into your cars cigarette lighter socket, add the essential oils of your choice, and enjoy!

If you need a little boost on long car journeys, try using with citrus oils such as Grapefruit or Lemon to boost energy levels and uplift the mind. Alternatively, to soothe unpleasant feelings caused by car journeys try Peppermint and Ginger, or for a ready to use blend our Travel Essential Blend is perfect.

How to use:

Insert the refill pad into your AromAbout, then apply 5-10 drops of your chosen essential oils to the pad through aperture. Then, simply plug into your car cigarette lighter socket & enjoy.

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