FrezyDerm - Baby Gums Gel 25ml


FrezyDerm - Baby Gums Gel

This soft gel has been formulated to provide instant relief to distressed teething babies. Its unique combination of herbal ingredients, including clove, licorice, myrrh and arnica, sooth babies as their first teeth develop. They also relieve pain and discomfort, numb the affected areas and reduce the swelling of the gums and the excessive saliva secretion. The gel has a pleasant clove flavour and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Not broken down by enzymes in the mouth and saliva
Does not irritate the oral mucosa

Won the Gold Award in the Best Teething Product category and the Gold Award in the Best Children's Remedy category in Loved by Parents Awards 2017.

Suitable For :

  • Babies older than 2 months old
  • Swollen, red, gums
  • Painful gums

Use :

Apply the gel with a clean finger on the gums of the infant and massage gently. Repeat as often as needed.


Clove oil: Soothing, anti-irritant effect
Licorice: Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect
Polydocanol: Topical anesthetic

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