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Esthederm - Bronz Impulse Pre-Tanning Spray

Esthederm - Bronz Impulse Pre-Tanning Spray

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Sun preparation and adaptation. A spray that helps strengthen skin's natural defenses against the sun. This travel-size product for face and body represents a new skincare step to adopt in order to: - prepare skin for tanning, - allow skin to adapt naturally to the sun, - optimize sunscreen.

Prepares skin for tanning by activating the pigmentation process, . Protects skin cells without filters or screens, . Optimizes cells' energy environment.

A deeper, quicker and long-lasting tan. Skin's natural sun defenses are strengthened. Skin is better prepared and better protected.

For any type of skin exposed to sunlight, excluding pigmented skin.Spray

Spray mist onto the face and body and allow to dry. - Apply every morning for 15 days prior to sun exposure to diminish skin reactions to the sun and increase skin's tanning capacity. - Apply in the evening and 20 minutes before sun exposure to strengthen skin's ability to adapt to the sun. Caution: This product contains no screens or filters and should be used with your regular sunscreen in case of prolonged exposure or strong sunlight.

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