Calmosine - Digestion 100ml


Calmosine - Digestion


Calmosine Digestion is a natural plant based food supplement. It is especially favoured by parents to soothe and calm their baby.

Calmosine Digestion: Plants For Baby’s Well-Being and Digestive Comfort

Fennel - a plant belonging to the Umbelliferae family, fennel has been used before meals for centuries to aid smooth and comfortable digestion.

Lime Flower - a member of the Tiliaceae family, lime flower is traditionally used in herbal teas due to its calming and soothing properties, particularly in the digestive tract.

Orange Blossom - part of the Rutaceae family, orange blossom is known for its delicate fragrance.


Designed and produced in France, the Calmosine organic range is certified organic by the independent body Ecocert which approves the selection of raw materials, formulation, manufacturing process and labelling. Calmosine Digestion contains organic plant extracts from plants grown and harvested by farmers committed to using sustainable and environmentally friendly growing methods.

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