Colief - Infant Drops 15ml


Colief - Infant Drops


  • Is your baby crying and fussing a lot? Up to 1 in 5 babies suffer from colic. Colief Infant Drops reduces crying times and helps babies sleep better and feel better.
  • A safe natural product. Colief treats temporary lactose intolerance in babies suffering from colic. It relieves the severe digestive discomfort, bloating and gas caused by undigested lactose in food.
  • Colief makes it easier for your baby to digest their feeds. The lactase enzyme breaks down the lactose found in milk, dairy products, breast milk and infant formulas.
  • Colief can be safely used from birth onwards. It can be used at every feeding. Just add drops to breast milk or warm formula.
  • Trusted by moms and recommended by healthcare professionals for 20 years. Colief has been clinically proven to reduce crying time by up to 45% in more than a third of babies with colic.

 How to use:

Infant Drops are suitable to use from birth and can be used whether an infant is breastfed or formula-fed. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when preparing your infant’s formula.


Glycerol, Aqueous Lactase Enzyme. 

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