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Institut Esthederm - Sun Intolerance Face Cream 50ml

Institut Esthederm - Sun Intolerance Face Cream 50ml

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High-protection cream for intolerant skin. Highly protective and soothing, this spray helps reduce the sensitivity of skin that is ultra-reactive to the sun and boosts its gradual adaptation to sun exposure. The skin's adaptation capacities are stimulated and sun intolerance reactions are diminished. Its fragrance-free formula rich in anti-inflammatory active ingredients ensures optimal skin tolerance.

  • High sun protection boosted with soothing active ingredients
  • Allows the most reactive and sun intolerant skin to adapt gradually to sun exposure.
  • Protects cell DNA
  • Prevents photo-aging
  • Optimizes cells' energy environment.

Hyper reactive skin may enjoy reasonable sun exposure while minimizing adverse skin reactions. Skin gradually becomes accustomed to the sun.

For sun intolerant skin, "sun allergic" skin (polymorphous light eruption), hyper reactive skin, redheads, pregnant women, skin undergoing medical treatment. May be used for all types of sun exposure, UV intensities 1-11.

TREATMENT OF SUN INTOLERANCE: Curative and preventive approaches • Two weeks prior to vacation: apply cream once a day. • First three days of sun exposure: apply spray every hour. • Fourth through seventh day: apply spray every two hours. • Next: use Adaptasun Tanning Face Cream for Sensitive Skin - Extreme Sun. Results: Skin gradually becomes accustomed to the sun.

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