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Duofilm - Liquid 15ml

Duofilm - Liquid 15ml

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Duofilm - Liquid


Duofilm contains two medicines called salicylic acid and lactic acid. It works by softening the skin of a wart, causing it to peel off. Duofilm is used to treat warts.
• A wart is an infection in the top layers of the skin. It is caused by a virus.
• Warts can be spread when the virus touches damaged skin.
• It is more likely to spread in places which are warm and moist. This is why one of the most common places to catch warts is swimming pools.
• It can take from a few weeks to several months for the wart to appear

How to use:

Using Duofilm
• Use Duofilm once a day, using the brush in the pack.
• It may take 6 to 12 weeks to completely remove your wart.
• Keep using Duofilm until the wart has completely gone. When it has gone you will be able to see the lines of your skin again (called ‘ridge lines’).

How to use Duofilm
1. Remove any plasters.
2. Soak the warts in hot water for five minutes.
3. Dry the area with your own towel.
4. Rub the top of the warts carefully with a pumice stone or emery board.
5. Then put on enough Duofilm to cover the warts. Try not to get it on the normal skin around the warts.
6. Let the Duofilm dry.
7. Cover the wart with a plaster if it is large or on your foot.
Remember that warts can spread to others.
• Only use your own towel.
• If your warts are on the bottom of your feet, do not walk around bare foot.

Duofilm is not recommended for use in children under 2 years of age. Children under 12 years should only use the medicine with help from an adult


There are no known side effects. However if you notice anything that might be a side effect, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.

Do not use Duofilm if:
• you are allergic to the salicylic acid, lactic acid or any of the other ingredients of Duofilm.
• you have warts on your face, around your back passage or genitals


What Duofilm contains
• The active substances are lactic acid 15.0% w/w and salicylic acid 16.7% w/w.
• The other ingredient is flexible collodion


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