Durance - Madeleine Perfumed Candle 180g


Durance - Madeleine Perfumed Candle 


The Madeleine scented candle envelops you in a comforting wake of vanilla, buttery and sweet notes of Madeleines just out of the oven and revives your most magical childhood memories.

Manufactured and decorated by hand in our workshops, this candle with gourmet notes is the result of real expertise. The components of this scented candle have been carefully selected to obtain the best quality of burning and scent diffusion. It will delicately perfume your interior for nearly 40 hours. 



The delicious scents of vanilla and almond powder madeleines just out of the oven will embalm your interior with terribly comforting notes and will revive the magical memories of your most beautiful childhood snacks.

In collaboration with the Master Perfumers of Grasse, Durance has created unique candle scents which, once lit, will transport you on a wonderful olfactory journey. 

Among these evocative scents, find the Madeleine scented candle which can be savored at tea time or in a convivial moment around a hot drink.

Perfume notes:




Top notes:

Orange / Almond Powder

Heart notes:

Butter / Heliotrope

Background notes:

Vanilla / Coconut

Shipping restriction:

This product can only be shipped to UK and European Destinations

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